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September 29, 2019

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19.3 will be this Friday from 430-til last athlete is done.

March 3, 2019

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Labor Day/Holiday Schedule on Monday.

September 1, 2018



Monday/Labor Day

9am crossfit & Bootcamp

9am Crosfit Kids will be ran separate/outside except for warm up. 


Warm up with both adults and the kids crossfit class. 

300m run 

Then instruction playing the hop on plates to Rock Paper Scissors game. 


Hero wod 



400m run

21 KB swings 53/35

15 knees to elbows (v-ups)

9 ring dips (dips on bench)


Monday/Labour Day 

10am class

Partner Hero wod 

“Dana Hannon”

52 power cleans 95/65

200 double unders (5 burpees every time you trip or stop jumping rope mandatory switch at every stop)

200 KB swings 35/26

(1 wall walk every stop)

52 power snatches 



A)Mobility: Places lacrosse ball next to spine on spinal erector muscles, then take a thumbs up position with one hadn to opposite hip and then move the hand across your body to an overhead position. Repeat for ten reps, then move ball to a second and third position next to scap. Move slowly.

B) 3-4 RDS NFT
10 DB OH Walking lunge
10 DB Clean


C)Wod 1 of “Fallout” comp. 

team of 2 

Amrap 12

30 OH squats 95/75, 

30 wall balls 20/14

30 pull ups



A)same warm up as Crossfit. 


B)Fall out wod 1 fun division version

Team of 2

Amrap 12 

30 front squats 75/65

30 wall balls 14/8

30 HR push-ups. 



A)Run 400m
-Mobility: Couch stretch 

-2 min per side Mini band glute activation 


B)Box squats 

15min to work to a heavy set of 3

(For those restricted to lighter weight focus on form 3-5 sets of 3 quality reps.


C)for time 


400m run

21 goblet squats 53/35 



A)Run 400m
2 min plank (strict as possible)

15 push ups to down dog


B)E2MOM 5x 

8 bench presses 


C)E2MOM 5x

5 burpees 

150m sprint

Max burpees 

(Rest 2 min score is ttl burpees on the max sets). 



A)300m run

Stretching: Flow through lunge stretch to Samson stretch to hamstring stretch for 5 reps per leg

10 KB clean
10 jump squats
10 KB press


5x for reps

1min kb snatches 35/26

1min reverse lunges 

1min cal row 

Rest 1 min 



A)Partner A 250m row

Partner B 200m run



B)Stretching: Flow through lunge stretch to Samson stretch to hamstring stretch for 5 reps per leg

10 KB Romanian Deadlift 
10 jump squats
10 Hanging knee raises  


D)21 deadlifts 185/125, 135/95, 115/75

400m run

18 DLs

400m run

15 DLs

400m run 

12 DLs 

400m run



A)150m run

(with a PVC)
10 passthroughs
10 halos
lat stretch
5e lunge to twist and look upward at ceiling
10 presses over and back in front of head

5e DB single arm cluster
10 pushup to down dog 


C)50 thrusters challenge 65/45


D)”Go fish”

800m run buy in then..


21 deadlifts 135/95, 95/65

15 lateral burpees over bar 

9 shoulder to over head. 



1 mile run

Then... same as crossfit warm up. 


B) 50 wall ball 10/8 or thruster challenge 


C)2x for time

50 sit ups 

40 kb walking lunges 35/26

30 cal row 

20 burpees

10 pull ups



8am nutrition challenge 



Warm up/Coaches choice. 

Amrap 15 

Team of 2 alternate movements

5 man makers 35/20

10 toes to bar

15 sit ups 



Warm ups coaches choice


Amrap 15 

Team of 2 alternate movements 

5 man makers 35/20
10 toes to bar
15 sit ups  






Olympic Weight Liftimg seminar. 
















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