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St. Patrick’s day week is here. Regular schedule til further noticed. crossfit kids could happen.


A)warm up

b)complex E3MOM 5x

work to a heavy. -1 power clean

-1 hang squat clean

-1 jerk

C)in honor of Covid 19



thrusters 95/65

pull ups


A)warm up

B)back squats

E2MOM 5x


C)amrap 12

10 DB front squats 50s/35s

5 toes to bar

10 DB Lunges (total)

5 toes time bar


A)warm up

B)push ups

5x8-15 reps

derek Rubiano

band series

4x8-15 reps

C)”The Leprechaun”


10 wall balls 20/14

15 burpees

20 American KB Swings 61/44

25 double unders (75 singles)


A)warm up

B)wod prep/instruction

C)“4 Leaf Clover”

E2MOM 5rounds of

2min of -Burpee Box Jumps 24/20

-KB swings (Russian) 53/35

-Sit Ups

-Thrusters 65/45



A) warm up

B)Wod prep/instruction work up to wod weight.

C)event 6/CF games online qualifier for the masters and teens. 20 min cap

-10 deadlifts 315/225 (L2 255/175), (L3 205/135),

-20 deficit hand stand push ups (men with 2 pairs of 25s and abmat, ladies w/1 pair of 45s and an abmat). L2 is no deficit. L3 pike push ups/feet on box or bench. -30 front squats 95/65, (L2 75/45), (L3 65/35)


A)warm up


-:40sec DB Bench Press (something sustainable 8 reps min)

-:20sec rest transition

-:40sec pull ups

-:20 rest transition

-:40sec double unders

-:20sec rest

c)rest 3min from above then NOT for time bent over row ladder. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 each arm

Left Arm then right arm. Little to no rest. Same dumbbell as used in Bench if possible.


A)warm up

B)wod prep/instruction

C)amrap 18

go up by 2’s except the run.

2-4-6-8-10-12-etc 150m run

bar muscle ups (scale bench dips)

DB front racked lunges (each leg 50s/35s)

toes to bar (scale V-up)


A)warm up

B)wod prep/instruction

C)20 Min cap


10 DB strict press 35s/20s

10 DB Upright Rows

10 Burpee deadlifts w/same DBs

rest :40seconds


A)warm up

B)Push jerks E3MOM 4x

5@65-75% 3@80-85% 1@90-95% 1@101-105%

C)16min total (4 rounds)

amrap 3

10 alt DB snatches 70/50

(controlled no dropping)

100m run

max reps shoulder to overhead 135/95 (L2 115/75), (L3 85/55), (L4 65/35)

rest 1min.


A)warm up

B)wod prep instruction

C)8x for time

10 DB step ups 50s/35s

12 sit ups

150m run

:60sec. rest/recover

Saturday 9am class

A)warm up

B)wod prep/instruction

C)event 2 online CF games qualifier for teens and masters 15min cap

15 Chest to bar (L2 pull ups, L3 jumping pull ups)

10 OH squats 95/65 (L2 95/65, L3 65/35)

15 C2B

10 OHS 135/85 (L2 115/75, L3 95/55)

15 C2B

10 OHS 185/115 (L2 135/85, L3 115/75)

15 C2B

10 OHS 225/145 (L2 155/105, L3 135/85


A)warm up

B)wod prep instruction


8 power cleans 165/115

300m med ball run 20/14

1 min rest

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