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February a mostly normal month. Regular schedule this week. We’ll call this week “Kobe Week”.

Updated: Feb 3, 2020


A)warm up

B)wod prep instruction

C)”Mamba & The Diesel”

team of 2 (3 for noobies or as advised by coach) 34min cap

800m row

then 2x

24 hang power Snatches 75/55

34 burpees

then -34/24 cal ski or bike

then 2x of

24 thrusters 95/65

34 burpees

then -300m run

then 2x of

24 Hang Clean n Jerks 115/75

34 burpees


A)warm up

b)wod prep/instruction

c)for time


-300m run

-ab Mat sit ups

immediately into


-Single DB Lunges hold however 50/35 (total)

-:seconds hand stand hold

-Cal ski/bike/row (rotate when possible)



200m run

200m ski/800m bike

500m row

B)E2MOM 8x

find a heavy double/Front squat



-Double Front racked/KB front squats 53/35

-toes to bar


A)Warm up

B)wod prep/instruction


amrap 3

2 devil presses 50/35

5 pull ups

24 double unders (96 singles)

1min rest after E/3min of work


A)warm up

Bwod prep/instruction spend time on pull up/hand stand push up progressions variations.

C)amrap 10

17 American KB swings 53/35

8 pull ups

5 hand stand push ups.


A)warm up

B)wod prep/instruction

C)for time

-40 DB deadlifts 70’s/50s

-40 toes to bar

-20 burpees

forced rest 2min

-30 DB deadlifts

-30 toes to bar

-15 burpees. forced 1 min rest

-20 DB deadlifts

-20 Toes to bar

-10 burpees

forced rest :30sec

-10 DB deadlifts

-10 toes to bar

-5 burpees.


A)warm up

B)E3MOM 15

min 0-2 -5 bench press (50% then climbing), 5 Deadlifts (50% start then climbing). 3 -rest/recover/adjust weight. etc 5 sets

C)amrap 10

”Problem Gasolved”

16 cal row

16 g(total) Box step (while holding a singles DB 50/35lbs on a 24/20” box

08 inclined push ups (hands on bench)


A)warm up

B)wod prep/instruction

c)amrap 3

then rest/recover 1 minute.


200m run

20 DB shoulder time Overhead 50s/35s

max pull ups

rest 1 minute.


A)Warm up

B)wod prep/instruction

C)E4MOM 24min

3-5 back squats start at 50% work your way up. Followed by

-16 banded Glute bridges

-8 Russian sit ups

rest remainder of 4 min.

D)cash out 100 plate OH sit ups 25/15


same as CF


A)warm up

B)“black mamba”

team of 3

-one person rows

-one person 7 balls over shoulder, then 50m d-ball carry. Ahap

C)”mamba forever”

amrap 14

2 power cleans 185/125

24 wall balls (like a push press no squat) 20/14

2 power cleans

24 box jumps 24/20

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