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Holiday week. Tuesday/Christmas Eve 5am, 830am and 10am only. Closed Wednesday/Christmas day


A)warm up

B)KB front racked

split squats/Each leg 



C)for time /15 Min cap

100 alt dB snatches 50/35

100 sit ups

(7 wall balls 20/14 E2MOM)


A)warm up

B)wod prep/instruction

C)2x for time (dress warm and with reflective clothing)

400m farmer carry 44/26 KBs or 45/25dbs

100 double unders (300 singles)

400m OH carry (35/18kbs) or (35/20dbs)

100 double unders 

Christmas Eve/Tuesday 

5am will be a bootcamp/strength first class ran by Coach Marivic. Programming TBD. 

830am class does 

“The 12 days of Christmas”

100m run

2 single arm devil presses (alt)

3 each arm alternating DB snatches 

4 toes to bar

5 deadlifts 225/185

6 HR push ups

7 pull ups

8 sit ups

9 wall balls

11 burpees 

12 DB thrusters (single arm)

10am class does 

“The 8 days of Hanukkah”

For time (done 12 days of Christmas wod  style)

1 macho man 115/75

2 bar muscle ups

3 bears

4 chest to bar 

5 Curtis Ps

6 toes to bar 

7 hand stand push ups

800m run

Christmas Day/Wednesday 



A)warm up


Score is load that can be maintained for at least 2 rounds.  Weight is adjustable; Moderate to heavy maintainable weight. 60%-75%. 

Score is load for a minimum of two sets. 

4x of 

Minute 1. 5-Hang power snatches 

Minute 2. 12/9 cal row or bike

Minute 3. 5 Hang power snatches 

Minute 4. 12-V’ups

-Rest 3 minutes. 


EMOM 16 

Minute 1. 5 Hang power cleans 

Minute 2. 12/9 cal row or bike

Minute 3. 5 Hang power cleans 

Minute 4. 20 Russian twists 


A)warm up 

B)for time 

100 DB power cleans 50s/35s

EMOM  7-V-ups

C)not for time/accessory


Single arm DB bent over row ladder non-stop til done. 10 on one arm, then the other, 9 on one then the other etc. adjust weight as needed for good form. 


A)warm up

B)17 min window

Front squats


Immediately after front squats do 

1 min max cal row or bike. 

C)amrap 10

3-6-9-12-15-18....etc by 3’s

-reps are both legs single leg/single arm DB deadlifts 50/35

-box jumps 24/20

-wall balls 20/14

D)amrap 5 

-max Russian twists 

(Time permitting or on their own as open gym accessory work)


A)warm up

B)2x for reps. 

1 min of burpees

1 min of DB front squats 50s/35s

1 min of pull ups (strict)

1 min of DB lunges (one overhead one front racked open standard)

1 min of burpees 

1 min of DB Romanian deadlifts 

1 min of pull ups (any)

1 min of rest/recovery

C)Tabata glute Bridges 

8x :20work, :10 rest

With a 50/35 DB on your lap



A)warm up

B)20 min. Window 


push press 


Chin ups


(Weighted where possible)

C)amrap 15

10 kipping pull ups

20 American KB swings 53/35

30 double unders (100 singles)


A)warm up

B)2x not for time

40 right arm only DB bench press 

40 Left arm only bent over row 

40 Left arm only DB bench press 

40 Right arm only bent over row 

Immediately into 800m run or row 


Gym closed for the in between holiday weekend. 

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