• Joseph Luna

Holiday week. Wednesday night no 730pm class. Thursday 7am strength class, 830am bootcamp/crossfit,


A)warm up

B)instruction and 10 min to work to a heavy 

“Macho Man” complex. 

-3 power cleans (tng)

-3 front squats 

-3 push jerks 

C)amrap 12 

“Randy the Macho Man Savage”

Memorial wod

3 macho mans 135/95

15 toes to bar


A)warm up

B)wod prep/instruction

C)”lynsanity” 30 min cap


-max reps bench press 75%/50% of bw 

-max reps strict pull ups

400m run 


A)warm up

B)run prep/wod prep/instruction

C)”piggy back” 

Team of 2 (3 for newbies)

Alternate movements or rounds. Teams’ choice. 


12 alt DB snatches 50/35

12 burpees over DBs (facing)

150m sprint


A)warm up

B)wod prep/instruction

C)amrap 25

200m med ball run 20/14 (all 3 share ball and go on “Indian run” together.  

7 burpees 

7 front squats (from rack) 135/95

(All 3 athletes must complete all reps but may break up reps/sets as needed, but can’t continue as a team till all 3 done with reps, 1 works 2 rest during reps)


A)warm up

B)superset E4MOM 5

Work to a heavy. 

-1 three second pause back squat

-1 back squat 

6 single leg hamstring curl off ground

(Each leg)

C)amrap 4

Plate OH lunges 45/25

D)max handstand hold


A)warm up

B)wod prep/instruction. 

C)3x for time (40 min cap)

600m run

400m Row

200m farmer carry 53/35

100 double unders (150 singles)

50 sit ups


7am “strength first”

830am bootcamp/crossfit 

Hero wod rain or shine


800m run buy in

Then 2x of....

50 burpees

40 pull ups

30 pistols (alt)

20 KB swings (American) 53/35

10 hand stand push ups. 

 .......Cash out 800m run after all reps completed. 

1000 am crossfit 

Hero wod rain or shine

“The lumberjack 20”

20 reps of all the movements followed by a 400m run. 

-Deadlifts 275/185


-KB swings (American) 70/53


-OH squats 115/75




-Chest to bar pull ups


-Box Jumps 


-DB squat cleans 35/20

All other classes canceled. Happy Thanksgiving fit fam!!!!

Black Friday 

9am open gym. 


Battle Ground 2020 wod testing 


Wod 1

Worm wod 

Team of 3 

All three athletes working. 

2 on 150lb worm 

1 rows for calories 

Wod to be determined/announced day of. 

Wod 2

After proper warm up. 3 min to find your 1RM of any 1 of the following. More details to come.  




Wod 3

Team of 3, 1 works and 2 rest/recover

Amrap 15

50ft single arm OH DB lunges

25 devil presses 

40 pull ups (beginners will do another doable movement TBD). 

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