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Monday holiday schedule.  The event “20.2” Oktoberfest theme will be this Saturday first heat at 9am

Monday/Columbus/Indigenous Peoples day

5am-630am open gym

9am Crossfit 

10am Crossfit 

A)warm up 

B)wod 1 (fallout prep)

Amrap 4 cal row 

Then 4 min to work to a heavy of the “fallout complex” 

-1 clean (any)

-1 Hang clean (any)

-1 front squat 

C)”tummy time” 14 min cap


-toes to bar 

-deadlifts 185/135, (L2 135/95)


A)warm up

B)instruction/wod prep

C)Octoberfest bday wod 2019 (Coach Derek, Marivic, Cameron, Ruwesha, Nancy, Anna D, Lani, and Marco U. 

Amrap 10

-10 sit ups

-100m run

-10Box Jumps 24/20

-100m run 

-10 Strict Hand stand Push ups. 

2 min rest transition

Amrap 10

-10 thrusters 115/75, (L2 75/45)

-100m run 

-10 burpees over bar

-100m run 

-10 push presses 


A)warm up 

B)split squats E3MOM 5sets

8 each leg 


50 squats 

400m run 

30/24 calroie Bike, Ski, Row 

(Choose your machine in that order based on availability.)


A)warm up 

B)50 wall balls for time 20/14

C)team of 2 

Amrap 12


Devil presses 35s/20s

Pull ups

(Keep running thru the 21-15-9 til the clock runs out, 1 works 1 recovers)


A)warm up 

B)wod prep/instruction. 

C)Oktoberfest 2020 bday wod (hannah)

Amrap 10 -10 sit ups -100m run -10Box Jumps 24/20 -100m run -10 Strict Hand stand Push ups. 2 min rest transition Amrap 10 -10 thrusters 115/75, (L2 75/45) -100m run -10 burpees over bar -100m run -10 push presses  


A)warm up 

B)Burgerons “Goat Day”

Work on weaknesses. 


-odd minute cal row (focus on technique 15/12 cals or 10/8 cals

-even minute work on a skilled gymnastics movement.....eg double unders, muscle ups , or pistols, (keep reps low to prevent soreness focus on skill building under stress of the row)


“20.2” will be programmed. 

-to maximize team participation and team spirit points do it at “Saturday’s Oktoberfest themed event”

-otherwise the next best thing is do your best on the workout and help with “performance points” by doing it on Friday during regularly scheduled class time. 


“20.2” Oktoberfest event 

9am-til last person wods. 

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