• Joseph Luna

Regular schedule this week.

Monday A)warm up B)deadlifts E4MOM 65-85% Maintain or increase weight. TNG 5-4–3-3-3 C)team of 2, 1 works 1 rests. Adhere to special instructions where only partner A or partner B only goes. Sprint chipper. (If an odd team of 3 increase reps/cals to 55 broken up any way as needed) For time 12 min cap (goal should be to finish sub 8, deadlifts done in 1-4 sets max) -35cal row -35 deadlifts 185/125, (L2 135/95) ‘partner A’ only -35 wall balls 20/14 -35 deadlifts (partner B only) -35 cal row Bootcamp/Monday Same as CF. Tuesday A) warm up B)team of 2, 1 works 1 rests. Amrap 5 -dumbbell burpee step overs 35’s/25’s (L2 30’s/20’s) 24”/20” C)work on pull up progressions and improved skill. D)team of 2 (for reps) (If team of 3 or don’t have pull ups have all 3 Doing max jumping pull ups based on open standards or ring rows same time no bands a same time non stop no breaks) Min 1 synchro KB or DB thrusters 35/25 (35/26 If KBs) Min 2 max pull ups one works one rests. Min 3 (same as min 1) Min 4 (same as min 2) Bootcamp/Tuesday Same as CF Wednesday A)warm up B)build to a heavy/complex E2MOM 5 -Hang Clean pull -power clean (tng) -Hang clean pull -power clean (tng) C)”no where fast” for time 50 power cleans 155/105, (L2 115/85) EMOM 6 V-ups at min 1:00 Bootcamp/Wednesday A)warm up B)push press E4MOM 5-12@70% 5-12@65% 5-12@60% C)”19.1” Amrap 15 -19 wall balls 20/14 -19 cal row Thursday A)warm up B)front squat E4MOM 5-12@70% 5-12@65% 5-12@60% C)3x 400m run 28 sit ups 21 burpee bar taps Bootcamp/Thursday Same as CF Friday A)warm up B)work to a heavy of the following complex. E2MOM 5 -snatch (any) -OH squat -Hang squat snatch. C)”rocket power” 21 burpees over bar 21 power snatches 95/65 15 burpees over bar 15 OH squats 9 burpees over bar 9 Hang squat snatches. Bootcamp/Friday A)warm up B)2k row for time C)”Megan” 21-15-9 Burpees American KB swings 53/35 Double unders (60-45-30 singles or hybrid with mixed double unders consult coach) Saturday. A)warm up B)wod prep/instruction jerk/shoulder to OH cycling. C)amrap 12 21 KB swings (Russian) 53/35 14 front racked reverse lunges 7 jerks 145/100

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