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Regular schedule this week. Sign up for the “muscle up seminar”. Limited spots available. Muscle up


A)warm up 

B)”fallout 2019 complex” 

E2MOM   5

1 clean (any)

1 Hang clean (any)

1 front squat 

(Work to a heavy)

C)September Bday wod.

Honoring our loyal members and staff. 

JC, Sandra D, Coach Christie, Susana, John Cacho, DR Fred, Rasheed, Munnazzah, Bronson, Roxy, Joe the Plumber, Tab and Emma. 

4x for time (20 min cap)

25 sit ups

12 deadlifts 135/95 

9 Hang squat cleans 

6 hand stand push ups 

150m run 


A)warm up

B)wod prep instruction

C)Noheli’s bday wod 


800m run

25 push ups 

50 goblet squats 53/35

25 birthday burpees

50 sit ups

25 cal ski (if not available bike 25cal), then and only then if ski or bike not available row 25 cal. 


A)warm up 

B)wod prep/instruction. 

C)team Of 3, 1 works 2 rest. 

Amrap 25

10 dball or sand bag squats (ahap)

15 dball or sand bag over shoulder aka “tossing the salad”

10 dball or sand bag step ups 20”/15”


Same as CF


A)warm up

B)superset E4MOM

4x8-12 reps range

-DB bench press 

-DB Bent over Row (2 DBs, neutral grip)

C)”Pyramid Scheme”

10-20-30-20-10 (14min cap)

-DB Hang Clean and jerk 50/35

(Single arm and its total reps split evenly)


-100m ski (1st come 1st serve, if not available 350m bike or 150m run)


Same as CF


A)warm up

B)wod prep/instruction

C)”toon squad” team of 3 for total reps/cals

1 works, 2 rest/recover


-4min max cal ski, row, bike (try to rotate through all three where possible)

-3min Max wall balls 20/14

-2min Max devil presses 35/20, L2(30/15), L3(25/10)

-1min Max burpees 


Same as CF


A)warm up

B)1-2 clean and jerks 

EMOM 9 @60-75%

C)amrap 9 

5 muscle ups/7 strict pull-ups or 9 kipping chest to bar

25 double unders (50 singles)

15 wall ball sit ups (against wall) 20/14

25 double unders 


A)warm up

B)wod prep/Instruction 

C)”grass hopper”


600m run 

30 KB Sumo DL high pull 70/53

30 med ball squat jumps 20/14

30 med ball sit ups against wall

D)bro sesh finisher

Super set

2x8-12 of 

DB bicep curls

DB triceps kickbacks 

-Do a 3rd/final set to failure. 


A)warm up 



3x to failure push ups

3x 12 reps of banded face pulls 

C)”road trip”

20 min cap


15 Russian KB swings 70/53

400m run

40 double unders (80 singles)

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