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Regular schedule this week. SGV throwdown Sunday the 25th at West Covina CrossFit. Come support your


A)warm up

B)3sec pause Front Squats 5x2


C)Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts 3x5 e/leg


D)amrap 9

35 double unders (50 singles)

25 sit ups

15 American KB swings 61/44


A)warm up

B)15 min to 

Find a heavy or 1RM bench press. 

C)August BDay wod Brendan, Francisco, Nick, Chole, Rob, Dmitry, Simon, Jess, Maggie, Marco M, and Coach Ily, 

Partner wod. Amrap 19

Partner A does 50m farmer carry 53/35

Upon return partners switch and partner A picks up where partner B leaves off from the following:

Partner B does:

-8 Curtis Ps 75/55

-8 cal row

-8 hand stand push ups. (Scaled does HR push ups)

(Score is combined rounds plus reps). 


A)warm up

B)Hang muscle snatch (stop and go, not touch and go)

3x6-12 Reps E3MOM

C)amrap 9

Team of 2

6-9-12-15-by 3’s

Each person does a round then next person does a round. 1 works, 1 rests. 

-Chest to bar 

-DB front squats 50’s/35s


A)warm up

B)wod prep/instruction

C)partner wod. 

150 sit ups buy in (combine to reps, 1 works 1 rests)

Then 3x of (partner A completes an interval then Partner B does same work)

200m row

400m run

800m row

-After 3 rounds cash out 150 sit ups(combined like the buy in)


A)warm up

B)clean & jerk 

6x2 at 60%



-Toes to bar

-burpee box jump overs 24/20


A)warm up 

B)wod prep/instruction


300m run

Ring dips

kB snatches (reps are each side)

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