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Saturday the 10th is our beach wod. Meet at 9am. Wod starts at 10am.  Cabrillo Beach.


A)warm up

B)11 min to work up to a heavy power snatch. 

C)2x for time. 13min cap

30/20 cal row or bike. 

13 snatches (any) 115/75

50 KB swings (American) 53/35


A)warm up

B)wod prep instruction. 

C)”heart burn”

1 mile run buy in then,....

10x of “burgeron beep test”

7 thrusters 75/55

7 pull ups

7 burpees


A)warm up

B)wod prep/strategy 

C)”damn it Karen!!!” 15 min cap

Partner wod, 1 works, 1 rests. 

150 wall balls for time 20/14

With remaining time work up to a heavy of the following complex:

-1 clean (any)

-1 front squat 

-1 shoulder to over head

(Must share same barbell, best to partner with Somone of similar barbell ability). 


A)warm up

B)wod prep/instruction

C)amrap 12

(all 3 KB movements with same 2 KBs)

21 double KB swings (Russian)

14 front rack reverse lunges 

7 push press. 


A)warm up

B)wod prep/work up to wod weight. 

C)4x for time

5 deadlifts 315/205

20 toes to bar 


A)warm up

B)wod prep/instruction 

C)”Kelly Rowland”

50/35 cal row buy in. 

Then 3 rounds of “Kelly”

400m run

30 box jumps 24/20

30 wall balls 20/14

Cash out 50/35 cal row 


A)warm up

B)barbell over head walking lunges. 


(20 minutes to get it done share space and take turns. The open is in 2 plus months and this has been in the open before.)

C)”the devils grip”

5 min amrap/partnered 

Partner A does as many Devil Presses as possible 35/20

Partner B farmer holds two KBs 70/53

You may switch anytime. But if KBs hit the ground mandatory switch. Also Devil presses do not count unless KBs are being held off the ground in farmer carry position. 

Score is number of combined devil presses. 


Same as CF


A)warm up

B)wod prep/ instruction. 

C)x2 for time. 

12 front squats 185/125

(RX from the ground, scaled may rack)

24 burpee box jump overs


A)warm up

B)wod prep/instruction. 

C)E4MOM x5

6 chest to bar pull ups

9 toes to bar 

12 deadlifts 225/155

150m run 

(Score is worst score)


Beach wod at cabrillo beach 9am. Wod starts at 10am. Gym closed remainder of weekend. 

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