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Regular schedule this week. Happy Mother’s Day week y’all!!


A)warm up 

B)wod prep/mobility/instruction

C)”sleepwalk” team of 3, 1 works 2 rest/recover. 

7min amrap of...... 

150/100 cal row buy in (scaled may all 3 run 800m) then max OH squats 95/65

Rest 3 min. 

6min amrap of....

120/80 cal row (scaled may 600m run all three same time.) then... Max Hang squat cleans 115/80, 

Rest 3 min. 

5min amrap of.....

90/60 cal row or (all 3 run 400m)

Then max thrusters 135/95


A)warm up/coaches call

B)wod prep/instruction

C)May bootcamp/bday wod

Happy bday Dana K. and Melissa Angulo

5 day burpees over bar

33 push press 75/55

86 double unders (singles same). 

32 dB lunges e/leg 35/20

87 double unders

32 push press 

87 double unders

33 dB lunges e/leg

86 double unders

5 bday burpees over bar


A)warm up

B)Front squats 



C)for time 

200m run

2 back squats 165/110 

200m run

4 back squats

200m run

6 Back squats

200m run

8 back squats 

200m run 

10 back squats 


Same as CF


A)warm up

B)14 min to build to a heavy snatch (any)


30 snatches for time 

(Option B wod for general fitness and not for those not adept to those heavier snatches “bunny hop” amrap 8 of 6 Hang Power snatches 75/55, 18 bar hops)


A)warm up/coaches call

B)wod prep/instruction

C)”water logged”

1k row, 1200m run,  or 2k bike buy in then....

30 DB snatches 50/35

15 burpee box jumps 24/20

20 DB snatches 

10 Burpee box jumps

10 DB snatches 

5 Burpee Box Jumps


A)Warm up 

B)”jack squat” 10 min cap


KB swings 70/53 (Russian), or 53/35 (American)

Sit ups (w/med ball short catchable toss to wall 14/10)

300m run

C)”train wreck”

Score is lowest score of any given round. 

Tabata style :40sec of work, :20sec of rest/recovery/write scores down. 


:40 sec med ball cleans 

:20sec rest 

:40 sec cal row 

:20sec rest 


A)warm up/coaches call

B)wod prep/instruction 

C)E3MOM 5x

15 sit ups

30 Double unders 

15 sit ups

3 deadlifts (score is heaviest DL weight. Work to a heavy)


A)warm up

B)wod prep/apologies for such a bad bday wod. 

C)”May 2019 bday wod”

Coach Max, Kelly, Mario, Rudy, Steph P. Anna O. And Jules. 

-33min amrap-

Team of 2, 1 works 1 rests except for synchro movements. 

5 synchro burpees buy in. Then E2MOM 5 synchro burpees. 

-34 synchro single arm DB/KB thrusters (35/20db or 18KB)

-29 deadlifts 115/80

-32 partner sit ups

-29 pull ups 

-44 air squats 


A)warmup/coaches call

B)wod prep/instruction


Amrap 20

200m run

20/14 cal row 

Then...2x of strict “Cindy”5 strict pull ups, 10 hr push ups, 15 squats


A)warm up

B)find one rep max bench press. 

C)”wod 2 of signature Crossfit ambush Comp) amrap 5 of 

DB lunges  (one on shoulder one over head) 50/35 or scaled at one on shoulder and one farmer carry style at 35/20


10am Olympic weightlifting. 

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