• Joseph Luna

It’s time for “the open”. 19.1 event this Friday 430-til the last person wods.

Monday/Presidents day  

B)snatch complex (work to a heavy)

1 Hang power snatch

1 power snatch 

C)hero wod 


75 snatches for time (any) 75/55


B)”wet floor”

Teams of 2 (1 works at a time)

Amrap 20

-75 wall balls 20/14

-60 sit ups

-45/35 cal row (first come first serve if not available run 600m)

-30 box jump overs 24/20


“Dum dum” 


200m farmer carry 50/35(dbs)

20 DB push press 

200m front rack carry

20 DB Deadlifts


B)front squat

18 min to get to a heavy single 

C)21-15-9 (10 min cap)

Front squats. 135/95, (95/65) 

kB swings 70/53 (American) (44/26) 

Burpees over bar. 


“20 something”

Amrap 20

30 single arm KB OH squats 35/18

(15 each arm)

30 box jumps

30 v-Ups

30/21 cal row 


Skill day/Open Prep and De’load

Pull ups (variations), toes to bar, muscle ups)  Muscle up seminar review. 

B)”the benchmark” 12min cap

500m row

40 squats 

30 sit ups 

20 HR push ups

10 pull ups


Same as CF




Event starts at 430pm-til last person goes. 

Must make an appearance/do the wod at the event to get your team participation points. Normal class schedule outside of event. 

Performance points will still count as long as wod is done by mid Saturday at the box with a judge. 



Regular schedule. 


9-10am open gym 

10am Olympic weightlifting. 

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