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Last week for the pre-order of shirts/hats for “The Open” Now fridays at 530pm and Sundays at 10am O




Alt DB snatches 50/35, 35/20, 20/10

 Birthday burpees over DB 

C)February Bday Wod is....

“2 Bears” for load

Use the remainder of class time to work up to 2 heavy reps of “the bear complex”

2 for the month of Feb:)

2x of ....

-1 power clean 

-1 front squat

-1 push press

-1 back squat 

-1 push press (behind the neck)

(You’ll have the remainder of class to work up to a heavy)


B)12 min work up to a heavy squat clean and press/push press ok. 

C)Angulo Twins’ bday (partner wod)

1 works 1 rests combine to get total reps


Push presses 135/95, 95/65, 45/35

Pistols (e/leg) 

-Cash out at the end 31 double unders each or 88 singles each. 


B)proper deadlift TNG technique

C)E3MOM 5x

21 plate hops 45/35

150m run

6 deadlifts (TNG for load)

(Best load unbroken tng is score)


B)”frank the tank”

Amrap 5 of

50 wall ball 20/14 buy in only then amrap of

-12 deadlifts 135/95, 95/65, 65/35

-12 lateral burpees over bar

Rest 5 min

Amrap 5 of 

35 wall balls buy in then.... amrap of

-9 deadlifts 155/105, 115/85, 85/55

-9 lateral burpees over bar

Rest 5 min

Amrap 5 of 

20 wall balls Buy in then.....

-6 Deadlifts 185/135, 135/95, 95/65

-6 L burpees over bar


B)Hand stand push up skills and drill ID your next step in your progression 

C)”turtle neck”


12 (total reps) DB/KB reverse lunges 50/35 (KB 53/35), 35/20, 20/10

9 med ball clean 20/14

6 Hand stand push ups 


B)focus on double unders and D Ball toss skills/drills

C)21-15-9 (applies to D Ball toss)

150m med ball run 20/14

-D Ball toss (as heavy as possible sand bags ok)

Then immediately followed by.....



-Double unders (triple reps for singles)

-Sit ups


B)identify where you’re at and work on your pull up progression

C)for reps

Amrap 5 

27 wall balls 20/14

21 chest to bar pull ups

15/12 cal row or bike

Rest 5 min

Amrap 5 of

21 wall balls 

15 toes to bar 

12/9 cal row or bike

Rest 5 

Amrap 5 

15 wall balls 

9 pull ups 

9/6 cal row 


B)tempo/pause back squats 

(7 second tempo down, 3 sec pause, explode on the way up)



C)”the after party”


-DB front squats 50/35, 35/20, 20/10

-30 double unders (50 singles)


B)tempo/pause OH squats 

4 second descent/3second pause



“The after party”


DB/KB front squats 50/35

30 double unders (90 singles)

-Olympic weightlifting 530pm class on fridays (Sundays at 10am as well) now Olympic weightlifting.***********

Friday 5:30pm class 

Warm Up: Barbell Yoga A) Clean Lift Off 5x3 building B) Paused Clean High Pulls 5x2 C) Power Cleans Remaining time work on form 


B)open wod “18.1”

Amrap 20 of

8 toes to bar (hanging knee raises)

10 DB hang clean n Jerks 50/35

14 cal row


9am Crossfit n Bootcamp 

B)max out Saturday (pick a lift or lifts or skill and dedicate time to working on it. Do volume eg 5x5, technique, or max our. 

C)”top down”

50 burpees over bar 

40 Hang squat cleans 115/80, 75/55, 45/35

300m run 

20/15 cal row or bike. 

10am competitors Crossfit 

B)split jerks 

Work up to a heavy single 



Clean 135/95

Ring dips 


9-10am open gym

10am Olympic weightlifting 

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