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Monday/Christmas Eve 9am and 10am only.  Closed on Christmas Day. Regular schedule rest of week.

Christmas Eve/Monday

(Not the best day to invite new folks as there will be a lot of movements, equipment and people, not an easy workout either if you’re familiar with the concept of 12 days of Xmas wods)

9am/bootcamp & CrossFit 

“12 days of Christmas bootcamp version

1 100m run

2 ball slams 

3 wall balls

4 med ball cleans

5 pull ups

6 burpees 

7 box jumps

8 sumo deadlift high pulls (KB)

9 Russian twists (e/side)

10 jumping lunges

11 cal row 

12 tire flips (assisted or alone)

10am CrossFit class

“12 days of Christmas” Crossfit version

1 thruster 115/75

2 shoulder to OH

3 Hang power cleans

4 deadlifts

5 burpees

6 jumping squats

7 lunges (e/leg)

8 pull ups

9 kB swings 70/53

1 100m run

11 OH squats 

12 power snatches. 

Christmas Day/Tuesday 

Off/gym closed


B)Back squat 



C)”Freddy Krueger”


kB swings 70/53 (American)



B)for time

2k row

50 wall balls 20/14

1k row

35 wall balls

500m row

20 wall balls 

C)use remainder of class time working up to a heavy set of 5 KB step ups each leg, no more than 5 sets. 


B)Max Broad Jump

C)work up to or just passed wod weight/wod prep. 


Deadlifts 225/155, 135/95

10, 9, 8, 7,.......1

Toes to bar 

1, 2, 3, 4,.......10



30 DB snatches 50/45

30 toes to bar

(14 min cap)

-2 min of rest recovery time 


Sit ups

Med ball cleans 20/14


B)12 min to work up to a heavy clean (any) and jerk 

C)E3MOM 6 20/14 cal row 40 double unders (60 singles) 

5-5-4-4-3-3 Hang squat cleans TNG ahap. 

(Score is both best weight completed unbroken TNG, and slowest round)


B)Bench press 


Bent over row (kB/DB)


C)amrap 12

5 hand stand push ups

10 KB suit case deadlift 

15 v-ups


9am Crossfit & bootcamp

B)Max out Saturday 

C)amrap 12

10 DB front racked reverse lunges 50/35

150m med ball run 14/10

10am competitors training. 

B)split jerk 



Hand stand push ups 

Pull ups

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