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Hand stand seminar this Saturday 1130a-130pm. Sold out. October bday wod this Wednesday.


A)Row 250 while partner planks (Both partners go twice on each) B)5 Jefferson Curls 5e spider stretch C)Mobility: 2 min - Lay on foam roller with it in thoracic spine and hold onto barbell with arms fully extended (or other if appropriate)

D)1x 10 BB Front Squat 10 High Pulls 10 Squat Clean

Skills and prep for wod. 

Partner wod. Team of 2 (1 works 1 rests)

7min amrap

20 squat cleans 95/65

20 squat cleans 135/95

20 squat cleans 155/105

3min/recovery/rest/clean up excess plates.  

7min amrap 

Burpees over bar. 1 works 1 rests. 


A)3x each

Row 250 while partner planks B)2x 10 Jefferson Curls w/KB 5e/leg spider stretch add T-spine stretch

25m high knees

25m butt kickers C)5x for time 

300m run 25m KB Walking lunge 35/18 (DB 35/20)


A)Team med ball football (10 min or more) Play with one med ball Players must lunge in order to move A maximum of 3 steps may be taken with the ball and then it must be passed Once a team gets the ball to the opposite teams end zone a point is scored Defenders may block the ball.  

B)double unders skill

C)5x for time 

50 double unders

25m KB walking lunge 35/18 (db 35/15)


A)Same as CrossFit warm up

B)5k row or run (athletes choice)if it enough towers bike may do 10k or have volunteers start early should take 20-30min per athlete.  (If someone wants to run it, it’s 3miles (6 laps, plus a 150m run) 


A)150m run then...

2 min couch stretch or 2 min banded hip flossing B)2x

10e KB Lunges 25m waiter walk 25m suitcase carry 5e KB press 

C) October bday strength work (Super set)

Split squats (Nancy Wu)

10-10-10-10-10 (e/leg)

Wall walks (Coach Derek)


B)October bday wod

45 push presses (Marco)115/80

60 sit ups (Lani)

38 Jamaican KB Swings 61/44(Same as Russian only more relaxed mon)(Dowton)

40 sit ups (Anna D)

42 cal row (Evelyn)


Same as CrossFit 

A)Back squats 5-5-5-5-5 kB step ups (e/leg super set) 5-5-5-5-5  

B)Hannah, Ruwesha & Kilary’s bday wod 34 thrusters 95/65 83 double unders 10 birthday burpees over bar 90 sit ups 10 birthday burpees over bar 35 double unders 10 birthday burpees over bar 28 sit ups 10 birthday burpees over bar 34 thrusters


A)Row 300 while partner holds BB at top of DL (Both partners go twice on each) B)2 min each: Hamstring stretch with leg elevated on rig with other flat on floor C)Pull-up skill (or strength) work depending on ability. Coaches call.  


Deadlifts 135/95

Pull ups 


A)400m run then....

4x of

4 ring rows

8 push ups to down dawg

12 hanging knee raises 

B)E3MOM 5sets 

Bench Press 


C)12min amrap 

5 pull ups

10 wall balls 

15 sit ups


A)Run 600m.... then 2x of 10 double KB push press 10 band pull aparts (pull to chest with arms straight) 10 double KB bent over row 10 banded good mornings

B) go over skills and prep for the workout. 

C)(12 min cap for the first part of wod 2rounds for time)

50/40 cal row

25 hand stand push ups

Rest 2 min. 

10 min to find a heavy of the following complex

2 Hang cleans(any)

1 jerk


A)same warm up as CF

B)Amrap 18

21/15 cal row

18 ball slams

15 v ups

12 declined push ups (hands on tire or bench)


9am max out Saturday  

(Pick a lift or lifts and do technique, volume work or max out) 


30 toes to bar 

40 dB snatches 50/35

50 dB box step overs 35/18 

40 dB snatches 

30 toes to bar 

10am team Crossfit 

Max out Saturday 


25 min

Team of 3, 1 works 2 rest for max reps

Minutes 0-5 front squats 115/80, 135/95, 155/105 (increase weight every 30 reps)

Min5-10 cal row

Min 10-13 rest/recover

Min13-18 back squats 155/105, 185/135, 225/155

Min 18-23 cal row

No Yoga today sorry. 


9-11am open gym

430-630 open gym

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