• Joseph Luna

Little Box Heart. Celebrating 13 birthdays this month.


A)3-4x NFT

5pull ups

10 push ups

15 squats 

B)shoot a basketball/shoot a wall ball into tires if hoop is not available. Run/row100m with every miss.

C)“September 2018 bday wod” 

36 (Roxy) Deadlifts 125/85

32 (John C.) Over Head Squats 95/65

9 (Ryan) Hang Power cleans 95/65

32 (Munnazzah) Double Unders/singles

9 (Rasheed) Hang Power Cleans 

19 (Sapna) Pull ups 

9 (Bronson) Hang Power Cleans

52 (DR. Fred) Birthday Burpees

9 (Sandra) Hang Power Cleans 

31/23 (Coach Christie) Cal Row

9 (Lupe) Hang Power Cleans

26 (Susanna) Over Head Squats

34 (Jessica B.) Deadlifts 125/85


A)Warm up/same as CrossFit 

B)Back Squat 




15 L/arm OH KBsquats 

15 R/arm OH kB squats 

40 HR push ups

10 L/arm OH KB squats

10 R/arm OH kB squats 

30 hr push ups

5 L/arm OH kB squats 

5 r/arm OH kB squats

20 HR push ups


A)2x NFT

15e single leg glute bridges


5 jumping squats 

B)big wheel (while seated on the floor toss a light med ball to your partner 4 reps each)

-sit up and throw

-chest pass

-sit up and throw

-L hip toss

-sit up and throw

-R hip toss

-sit up and throw

-shot put toss R

-sit ups and throw

-Shot Put toss L

-sit up and throw

-while sitting upright throw from behind the head. 

-sit up and throw

C)Back Squats 

E2MOM 5 


D)5x for time. 

150m med ball run 20/14

20 ab mat sit ups. 


A)Warm up, same as CrossFit 

B)“Saved by the barbell”

3x for reps

1 min burpees

1 min wall balls 20/14, 10/8

1 min deadlifts 115/75, 75/55

1 min med ball sit ups 20/14, 

1 min Hang power Cleans

1 min rest. 


A)partner warm up

-150m run/150m row 

-10 each med ball chest pass

-10 each leg toss (like kB swing with med ball)

-10 each L med ball hip toss

-10 each R med ball hip toss

-10 slam balls bounce to partner

-10 wall balls to partner

C) snatch work 

D)”The country mile”

1 mile run

50 wall balls 20/14

30 burpee bar taps (6” above hands)

20 power snatches 115/80, 75/55


A)same as CrossFit 


25 DB push jerks 50/35, 35/20, 20/10

50 double unders (75 singles)

25 dB step ups 

50 double unders



10 serratus wall slide w/foam roller and mini band. :30sec break in between rounds. 


50m waiter walk

3e side windmill 

2e side TGU

C)Push press



D)for time

20 toes to bar

20 front squats

20 push press 95/65 

20/16 cal row. 


A)same as CF 

B)muscle up prep/instruction

C)hero wod “Nate” 

20 min amrap

2 muscle ups (2 assisted muscle ups or 4 pull ups 4dips)

4 hand stand push ups

8 American KB swings 70/53, 53/35, 35/26


A)300m plate run 

B)3x NFT

While holding deep active squat: 

-chest press w/light plate 10reps,

-10 OH press w/same plate, 

-100m run

C)“Thruster challenge”

50 thrusters for time. 

D)Partner wod/relay style


500m row

10 med ball Cleans 20/14

16 med ball reverse Russian lunges

24 ab mat sit ups. 


A)same as CF

B)Thruster Challenge

50 for time. 

C)Partner Wod

Both run together but divide movements. 

1 works 1 rests. 


400m run 

100 sit ups

40 burpee box jumps 24/20


A)coaches call

B)9am wod 3 “fall out” fun division standard

Partner wod. 1 completes couplet partner then completes same couplet till all 4 couplets are done one works one rests. 14 min cap. Max synchro burpees with remaining time. 

10 step overs 20/20 

20 air squats

10 step overs

20 deadlifts 155/105

10 step overs

10 wallballs 14/8

10 step overs 

10 burpees 

Max bar facing burpees with remaining time. 


Same as 9am except with intermediate division standards. 

10 box jump overs 24/20

20 goblet squats 53/35

10 box jump overs 

20 deadlifts 205/155

10 box jump overs 

20 wall balls 20/14

10 box jump overs 

10 chest to bar pull ups. 

Max synchro bar facing burpees with remaining clock. 

Yoga 1115am


9-11am open gym. 

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