• Joseph Luna

Sunday’s Olympic Weightlifting seminar was awesome. Friday and Saturday LT and Logan lift at the Ame


Run 1 mile* then, AMRAP (until 15 minute mark) - 10 pull-ups - 15 SDHP - 60 double unders *record your mile time in the the other workout today! ;) Monday/CrossFit

WOD Every 30 seconds for 20 minutes - 1 squat clean Warm up and start at about 60% of your 1 rep max... from there work your way up to about 80% at the 10 minute mark... Then either stay there, or inch up into the 90% range by the 20 min mark. Go heavy enough that it's challenging, but light enough that you can repeat the lift in a technically sound way. THIS IS NOT A PR DAY! This is a technique beatdown! *record your heaviest successful load (not necessarily your final set)

Bootcamp/TUESDAY - Alternating minutes for 20 minutes (10 rounds) - 30 seconds wall ball (30 seconds rest) - 50m farmer carry (rest the rest of the minute) *score total wall ball

Tuesday/Crossfit Hero wod “343” in honor of the 343 firefighters who passed serving during 9/11. 

343m of OH walking lunges for time.  washout - handstand technique work

WEDNESDAY/Bootcamp 100 burpees rest, then Tabata Bicep Curls CrossFit/Wednesday




5 rounds for total reps - 1 minute plank* - 1 minute burpees * Rx = if you fall from the plank, it cancels out ALL previous rounds of burpees. *Scaled = Falling from the plank only cancels the previous round, NOT ALL previous rounds. *Super Scaled = for each minute of plank, go 30 seconds plank, 30 seconds rest

THURSDAY/Bootcamp 3 rounds for time of: •800-m run •50 box jumps Men: 24-in. box Women: 20-in. box CrossFit/Thursday 


5 rounds for time

- 10 pull-ups

- 20 slam balls*

- 300m run

*note weight fo slam ball


A)Everyone 50 Thrusters, then..

B)50-40-30-20-10 cal/reps for time of

- cal row

- push-ups



300m walking lunge with plate overhead


9am Crossfit/Bootcamp

300m walking lunges

200 single unders

100 calf raises

10am class/team CrossFit 


Teams of 2

AMRAP in 10 minutes

- 5 power snatches (1st person)

- 5 power snatches (2nd person)

- 5 squat snatches (1st person)

- 5 squat snatches (2nd person) 

Yoga 1115am


No Open gym Sunday morning (coach Logan and LT at the American open in Vegas). 

430-630pm open gym with coach Jose. 

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