• Joseph Luna

Regular schedule all week. DODGER GAME Saturday at 415 pm. Tickets still available.


B)Back squat


C)”Asma’s Bday wod”


200m single arm farmer carry61/44

28 med ball sit ups 20/14


Split jerks 

Work on skill then work to a heavy off of the rack. 

C)team of two relay style

200mplate run 45/25

400m med ball run 20/14

800m run


B)Muscle up prep and instructions, along with working up to the wod weight. 

C)Coach Joe Reava in lieu of a birthday workout has requested to Honor Staff Seargent Barraza with the hero wod “Barraza”. 

18 min amrap 

200m run 

9 deadlifts 275/185,

6 burpee Bar Muscle ups 


B)handstand push ups skills and drills 


Handstand push-ups

Double unders 

(Singles do 75-50-25)


Prep and instruction for wod. 

(Submit an RX video to comptrain do 300plus reps and get a free shirts from Ben Burgeron the man we steal programming from and coach of several of the perennial fittest people on earth. 

“Fight club”


1min thrusters 95/65

1min Power cleans 

1min Box jump overs 24/20

1 min pull ups

1 min assault bike for cals. (Scaled Will row)

1 min rest/recovery)


“Zero dark thirty”

Teams of 3 (30 min cap)


30 TOes to bar

30 Burpees over bar

30 power snatches 95/65

Cash out 200/140 cal row

Then..2 rounds 

30 T2B

30 burpees over bar

30 power snatches 115/80

Cash out 200/140 cal row

Then 1 round 

30 T2B 

30 burpees over bar 

30 power snatches 135/95

Cash out 200/140

Yoga at 11am


9-11am Open Gym 

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