• Joseph Luna

Saturday Class will be at the Harbor pool 10am. IM us for info.


5x. Not for time. 

12 back squats

12 (total) kb step ups

40 banded good mornings

30 sit ups 

Prowler push 4x


Mobilize pre, instruction and warm up to wod weight(s).  

C) amrap15

27/21 cal row 

21 deadlifts 135/95, 95/65

15 burpees 

9 shoulder to over head. 


1 round of Kelly 

2 Rounds of Helen

1 rounds of Kelly. 


Aldene, and Marilyn’s bday Partner wod a 31min amrap. 

86 double unders (87 singles) 

6 hang full clean n jerks

20ft handstand walk (partner wheel barrel or bear crawl) each

32 toes to bar.

20 ft birthday burpee broad jumps each. . 


3 position power or squat snatch complex. Build to a heavy. 

C)3 rounds 

200m med ball run 14/10

50 squats 

15 power snatches 115/80, 75/55


8-930am Open Gym only

10am crossfit class at the Harbor pool. 1221 n Figueroa place. Wilmington, Ca 

(Yes it’s a swimming workout; Crossfit style). 


Open gym 


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