• Joseph Luna

1st pool wod of summer 6/23 at 10am IM for more info. (The 23rd.NOT this Saturday)


Back squats 


Farmer carries 

5xdonut shop n back (ahap)

C) Jose’s Bday wod 

1100m run (dead end and back)

34 birthday burpee broad jumps

34 front squats 135/95

600m/450m row


B)Work up to a heavy set of 3-5 overhead squats depending on ability. 

C)3 rounds 

Amrap3 cal row

Amrap2 overhead squats 95/65

Amrap1 pull ups

Rest 2 min.  


Work up to a heavy of the following complex. 

1 clean (any)

1 hang clean (any)

C)Lurong Challenge wod 

“The power ball” amrap13

10 power cleans 135/95, 95/65, 65/45

20 wall ball 20/14 (L3 does 10’ Target, L2 does 9’ Target, L1 does medball cleans)

30 double unders (L2/1 do 30 singles)


Bench press


C)amrap 5

200m walking lunge (bw)

50 sit ups

Max cal row/bike or burpees 1st come first serve. 

5 min rest 

100m db walking lunge 50/35

50 sit ups

Max cal row/bike or burpees

5 min rest 

200m walking lunge (bw)

50 sit ups 

Max cal row/bike/burpees

(Score is total of cals or burpees). 


B)Work up to a heavy set of 3 jerks. 

C)amrap 10

50 lateral burpees over bar

100DUs (150 singles)

30 clusters 115/80, 75/55


Max out Saturday 

C)team of 2

1mile run together

Rest 3 min

Amrap6 of (relay style)

Partner 1 does 500mrow

Partner 2 does 500m row

1round of cindy each til remainder of time done). 

Yoga at 11am every Saturday. 


Open gym 9-11am

(Will be closed NEXT Sunday the 17th Father’s Day). 

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