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The week of the West Division Regionals for the CF games and also Memorial Murph to be held at Kevin


B)mobilize and work up to a heavy power clean. 

C) Professor Dan’s Bday wod


800m run

21 Power Cleans  155/105

5 burpees over bar

30 Sit UPS


B) Properly Mobilize, Work on skills and drills and wod weight in preparation for “Fran”


Thrusters 95/65

Pull ups


B) spend time on the Kettle bell swing and toes to bar instruction mobility and progressions in prep for the wod. 

C)Lurong Living nutrition challenge wod 2

“Lucky 13” a 13 min amrap. 

13 Toes to bar (scaled do wall sit ups)

13 American kb swings 70/53, 53/35, 35/26,  26/15 (Level 3 do Russian swings)

13 lateral box jump overs 30/24, 24/20, 20/15 (step downs ok for all more details to come. Or look it up on the Lurong site.)


B)Back squats 


Kb step ups 

5x6 each leg

C)E4MOM x5

30 air squats

Donut shop suit case carry (AHAP)

10 Burpee bar taps


B) Spend time on Double unders as a skill and working up to wod weight or more (weight) for advanced. 

C)Melissa Angulo’s Bday wod. 


Push Presses/Push Jerks 115/80

Cal row

86 Double unders after each round 

(200 singles scaled)


9am open gym

10am team crossfit 

B) Max Out Saturday 

C)team of two. Alternating stations. 

20min EMOM

Minute 1-  3deadlifts (start at 50% of 1RM and increase weight as you go, report final weight)

Minute 2-  10 sit ups, 20 Double Unders (30 singles)

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