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Happy bday Jules!!!

Front racked DB lunges

5 x 50’

Weighted sit ups 

5x15 GHD where possible. 

C)team of 2 

5 rounds each relay style. 

15 /12 cal row 

200m farmer carry 53/35


Instruction and work up to wod weight. B)amrap5 800m (rock and back)buy in then... 12 deadlifts 185/135, 135/95 12 burpees over bar. (Lateral). Rest 5 minutes. Amrap 5 400m rum buy in 9 deadlifts 225/155, 155/105 9 burpees over bar. 5min rest/recovery then Amrap 5 of 200m rum buy in then 6 deadlifts 275/185, 185/135 6 burpees over bar.  


Strict press 


Kb bent over row 



21 Shoulder to over head 95/65

21 Pull ups 

15 Shoulder to over head 115/80

15 pull ups

9 shoulder to over head 135/95

9 pull ups 


Happy bday Zara!!!

B)work to a heavy OH squat

C)for time

31/27 cal row 

27 toes to bar

21 power snatches 115/75

17 OH squats 

5 squat snatches 


Work up to a heavy complex of. 


Hang clean 

2 front squats. 

C)”hero wod” 

In honor of our grandmas that have passed. JC, Donna’s, John Cacho’ and my grandma had past in the last 2 weeks. And thought Grandmas are heroes who deserve recognition. 

Partner. One works. One does 200m run. 

2 rounds 

25 hang squat cleans 

20 Granny short wall balls. 14/10


Happy bday Kelly!!!

 Surprise bday wod for Kelly. No max out Saturday. Just the wod. You’ll be glad. 

Yoga at 11am. 

Sunday 9-11open gym. 

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