• Joseph Luna

Saturday Cinco de Mayo at 2pm is our “2018 The Open Bar B Que”.


Go over proper warm up, deadlift technique and Work up to if not more than Wod weight. B)for time. 14 min time cap 1000m run (deadens and back) 30 deadlift 225/155, 135/95 50 Lateral burpee over bar.

Tuesday B)go over proper warm up, mobility, technique and work up to a heavy or just over wod weight in prep for the wod to come.  

C)teams of 2 one works one rests/receivers. For time. 


150 wall balls 20/14


30 clean and jerks 135/95

Cash out....

1 mile run as a team. 


B)Work on proper warm up, prep, mobility, technique and working up to wod weight. 

Or a heavy. 

C)amrap 20

21 sit ups

18 jumping lunges

15/12 cal row

Donut shop front rack kb carry 53/35

9 hang power snatches 115/75


B)Work up to wod weight etc. 

C)2 rounds for time. 

400m run

25 push press 95/65


25 KBSwings (Russian 53/35)


25 sit ups 


25 toes to bar 


25 air squats. 


B) Box squats 


C)3 rounds 

50 double unders (150 singles)

21 burpees 


Max out Saturday 

C)cinco de mayo hero wod

“The Angry Mexican”

Teams of 2 amrap 20

5 Box jumps 30/24

5 hand stand push ups

5 power clean 135/95

5 R. Arm kb thrusters 53/35

5 L. Arm kb thrusters 

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