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Prepping for The Festivus Games Newbies Comp Saturday 4/21 and Battle Ground (Train 4 Autism) benefi


B)Work on Mechanics of and work up to a heavy set of 3 Thrusters

C)Wod 3 of the Festivus Games

4 rounds, score is total volume.....weight x reps =Score/volume.  

:30 of Max Reps Thrusters

:90 of Rest or add/subtract weight from bar


B) work up to a heavy clean/prep and technique for cleans

C)wod 2 of Battle Ground

4 Min to do 1 Rep Max Clean. (Melissa Shimizu 3 minutes).

D)Wod 1 Festivus Games


7 Power Cleans 115/85, 85/55

5 Front Rack Reverse Lunges

3 Wall Walks (Shoulder to OH for Beginners div).

(Wall walk standard is flat plank position, belly to the ground wall walk up til nose touches wall and demonstrate control, NO falling.)

Our Gym's Core Values


B) Floater WOD Festivus Games

Min 1:Max Meters Row

Mins 2 & 3:Max Double Unders or Singles.  (Singles are rounded up to even number if on an odd number and divided by 2 for a double unders score)

C)Wod 2 of Festivus Games

15 Min time cap for time

50 ALT DB Snatches 50/35, 35/20

40 Buprees onto Plate 25/15, 15/10

30 Air Squats

20 HR Push Ups (NO ROCKING)

10 Pull Ups (NO BUTTERFLY)

(ALSO as a wrinkle....EMOM 8 Plate to ground total Russian Twists with your plate)


B)Wod 3 Battle Ground (Melissa Shimizu do ind version)

(Team of 2 switch as needed/wanted)

4 min amrap, max Cal Row

C)WOD 1 Battle Ground 12MIN AMRAP (Melissa SH do IND Version)

Partner A Max Cal Bike (Battle Ground Competitors get priority with Bike) 

              (Non Competitors may do Max Singles or Double Unders)

Partner B Must complete the following and when done they may switch:

              10 Thrusters 95/75

              10 Toes to Bar

              10 Wall Balls 20/14. 14/10

              10 Pull Ups

Special guest coach @430 Coach Luis


B)Work up to a Heavy Clean Pull

C)Hero Wod "Optimus Prime"

7 min amrap

Max Wall Ball Shots 20/14

EMOM 5 Deadlifts 225/155

(Score is counted by # of Wall Ball Reps)

Its on the list for Hero wods I swear it.


Max Out Saturday 

(You have 20min to lift, volume work on you missed earlier in the week, accessory work, Technique, or Max out a lift.)

C)Granite Games team of 3 wod 6 online qualifier)

1 works at a time 2 rest/recover

13 minute amrap

30 snatches (75/55lbs) 15 handstand push-ups 30 toes to bar 15 handstand push-ups

Yoga at 11am


Open Gym 9-11am

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