• Joseph Luna

18.5 will be this Friday night with special Guests The #8ampharmcy.


40, 30, 20, 10 

Wall balls (ahap)

50ft, 100ft, 150ft, 200ft

Kb/db walking lunges (35/20)any front rack, OH, hang on side pick your poison. 

B)bench press 3xfailure @60% of one RM 

    Banded pull aparts 3x15


Work on Thrusters and chest to bar Pull ups


21thrusters 95/65

21 chest to bar pull ups

15 thrusters 115/80

15 chest to bar

9 thrusters 135/95

9 chest to bar 

6 thrusters 155/105

6 chest to bar 


Work up to a heavy snatch (any)

B)4min amrap of 

10 burpee Box jump overs 24/20

8 snatches 95/65

2min rest/recovery

4min amrap immediately after of...

10 burpee Box jump overs  

6 snatches 115/80


“Schyler’s bday wod”

3 rounds 

300m run

21 kb Swings 53/35

29 sit ups

21 db snatches 50/35

29 double unders (89 singles)

(At the 530 class only we’ll running 18.5 due to two of our members going out of town for the weekend. If you need/want to do it early come to the 530 on Thursday or wait til Friday or Saturday like everyone else). 

Friday 18.5 ???? TBD 

Our friends from the Phrmcy will be there growing the crossfit community. 


18.5???? The last one til next year. 

Yoga at 11am

Palm Sunday

9-11am Open Gym. 

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