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Lincoln’s bday/Presidents’ day week. Hero wods to come. Regular schedule today. Next Monday “Preside

B)in honor of Lincoln’s bday 

Hero wod, “Bell”


B) Work your way up to a heavy 50’ DB walking OH lunge. 

C)OG Michelle’s Bday wod. 

40 OH dumbell walking Lunges 50/35, 

35/30 cal row

40 sit ups

25/20 Cal Row 

40 OH DB walking lunges 

15/10cal row 

40 sit ups 


B)3 position clean (any) complex

Work to a heavy. 

C)last week of the Lurong Challenge wods. Testing week. Can you beat yourself from week one? 


B)4 rounds for time. 

30 Russian kb swing 53/35

30 sit ups

30 double unders (100 singles)

C)bench press 

10-5-5-5-lighten load and go to failure aka burnout set. 


B)Over head squat

Work up to a heavy single. 


Chest to bar pull ups


Over head squats. 95/65


B)Max Out Saturday 

C)team of 2

Amrap 3 

24 Box jump overs 24/20

Max power cleans 115/80

2 min rest

Amrap 3

21 Box jump overs 

Max power cleans 135/95

2 min rest 

Amrap 3

18 Box jump overs

Max power cleans 155/95

2 min rest

15 Box jump overs 

Max power cleans 165/95

Sunday Closed in Observance of Presidents  Day. 

Monday Holiday Schedule 

9am bootcamp hero wod tbd

10am crossfit 

Hero wod “Wood”

5 rounds 

400m run

10 burpee Box jumps 24/20

10 sumo deadlift highpulls 95/65

10 thrusters 

1 min forced rest. 

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