• Joseph Luna

This Friday the 9th no evening Classes. We have our 18.0 mock Friday night lights with Our guest Roc


Kettle Bell strict presses with 1-2 sec pause at lock out position. 


B)amrap 14

10 pull ups

20 hand stand push ups

30/25 cal row

40 wall balls


Wod 4 of the Lurong Living Challenge 

For time (13 min cap)

50 cal Row buy in then....

4 rounds of 

10 OH Squats 

10 Toes to bar 


Bree’s chosen bday wod.... the infamous “Bear Complex” grrrrrh

3-7 sets of 7 reps of the following....

1 Cluster (or clean to front squat to push press)

1 backsquat

1 behind the neck shoulder to over head

=s 1 rep


A) 800m run for time

B)400m run for time

C)4 rounds not for time 

5 chest to bar kipping pull ups

10 evil wheels

15 GHD sit ups

20 Back extensions

25 flutter kicks (each leg)

30 banded good mornings


Morning classes only. We’ll be hosting a “mock Friday night lights.” You are all invited. 6pm- til the last person works out. 



Alt db snatches 50/35

Burpee over dumbell 


Amrap 9 of 

15 toes to bar(hanging knee raises or sit ups)

10 dead lifts 115/75, 85/55, 65/45

5 snatches

Immediately after the 9 min amrap....


6 minutes to find a one rep max clean and jerk


Partner 17.5

10 rounds 

9 thrusters 95/65, 65/45, 45/35

35 double unders (70 singles)

1 person does a round the other rests. 10 rounds total/5 each. 

Yoga at 11am every Saturday open to non members as well. 

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