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We Celebrate MLKing’s Bday by taking his advice, “keep moving forward!” Regular schedule on MLK’s Bd


B)Go over pull up and toes thru rings. 

Skills, reps and maybe drills. 

C)Team of 2 hero wod 

2 rounds for time. 

19 wall balls 20/14

29 pull ups

39 cal row

19 man makers 25/15

68 toes thru rings or toes to bar


B)Work to a heavy snatch pull (high pull)

C)Open wod “13.1’ish”

17 min amrap

40 burpees 

30 snatches 75/45, 45/35

30 burpees 

30 snatches 95/65, 75/45

20 burpees

30 snatches 115/80, 95/55

10 burpees

Amrap snatches till clock runs out 135/95, 105/65


B)8 min amrap luring living fat loss challenge wod 1. 

C)work to a heavy “misfit complex” with remaining class time. 

1 Power clean

1 jerk

1 front squat

1 hang squat clean

1 Jerk 


B)Work on Tire flip/pig flip technique and skill, strength and conditioning. At some point do a 1-2minute amrap of pig/tire flips with a team of 2-3 athletes. 

C)3x for time

60 walking lunges

40 sit ups

20 ring push ups 


B)we’ll spend time working on Double unders as a skill.  As well as appropriate prep, mobility and reps to get our best benchmark Nancy time. 

C) “Nancy”

5 rounds for time

400m run

15 OH squats 95/65


B)Max out Saturday 

C)wod 3 of our interbox friendly comp. 

teams of 3  2girls/1guy 1 person works at a time. 

30-20-10 for time 14min cap

Double pull ups/pull ups/rings

Burpee Box jump overs 24/20, 24/20, 20/15

(Fun and intermediate may step over)

Shoulder to over head 135/95, 115/75, 75/55

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