• Joseph Luna

Hideous Sweater Party This Saturday Night 7pm


Prep appropriately for wod. Then....

Hero wod

“Pearl Harbor”

12 ring dips

7 power cleans 165/105

41 double unders (120 singles)

12 ring dips 

7 back squats

41 DUs

12 ring dips 

7 shoulder to over head

41 double unders

Pearl Harbor 12.7.41 is dedicated to the memory of the 2,204 Americans who were killed during attacks on the United States Naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7th, 1941. 


Over head squat complex. 

1 Snatch grip behind the neck push press

1 Snatch balance (where possible) 

1 overhead squat

B)Liftoff 2017 wod 3

12 min hard cap. 

25 pull ups

50 cal row

100 over head squats  #45

50 Box jumps 

25 pull ups

(Yes RX weight is same for men/women, Rx’rs will get priority on rowers. Scaled will do Box jumps first and row on the wod descent).  


Front rack (barbell) lunges 

5x8 each leg. 

B) “Annie”


Double unders 

Sit ups


Work up to heavy snatch 

B)Hugo, and Joe M’s Bday wod. 

32 power snatches 85/65

26 pull ups

15 Power Snatches 

14 Pull UPS

12 Power Snatches 

12 pull ups 


1 Mile run for time. 

B)15 min amrap. 

:30 sec L sit hold

15 burpees

30 pistols (alt)


Max Out Saturday

B)11.2  done as team of 2. “Open Prep”

9 deadlifts 155/100, 145/90masters/scales

12 push ups

15 Box jumps 24/20, 20/20

Yoga at 11am

Hideous Sweater Party at 7pm


Open gym 9-11am

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