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Muscle up Seminar this Saturday Dec. 2nd 12p-3p. No Yoga this week.


Push jerk (from the ground unless newbie then they may go from the rack) work to a heavy, volume work, or sharpen skill based on ability. 

Karla’s bday wod 

11min amrap

36 kb lunges 44/26 (db 45/25)

25 shoulder to over head 135/95

36 sit ups

25 cal row


Snatch pulls 


B)hero wod “Griff”

800m run

400m run (backwards)

800m run

400m run (backwards)




B)Ina/Alex’s Bday wod 

35 burpee Box jumps  24/20

11 thrusters 95/65

29 pull ups

11 Thrusters

30 burpee Box jumps


Work on double under skill, and fixing the air squat and how that translates to other squats. 

B)3 rounds 

100 double unders (200 singles)

75 squats

50 sit ups

25 dumbell push ups 


Barbell cycling: Work on touch and go Clean n Jerk as a skill 

“Gwen” not for time but for load. Reps should be touch and go each set, using the same load for each set. 

“Gwen” = 15-12-9 clean and jerks 

Score is max total load, And time. But time is least important stat of the two. 


Max out Saturday

B)wod 1 of Whittier Comp team of 2

70 cal row

60 goblet squats 70/53, 53/35, 35/26

50 burpees over rower

40 kb lunges

30 burpees over rower. 

NO YOGA today

12noon-3pm bar/ring muscle up seminar 

5 spaces out of 15 available as of Thanksgiving Day. $30 non members. Members $25. Get ready in time for “The Open”


Open gym 9-11am

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