• Joseph Luna

Saturday we do “grace” barbells for boobs wod.


Power clean


B)50 wall balls for time (5 min cap) 20/14

C) 1000m row for time (6 min cap)


Push press

Work on volume (5x5), work to a heavy, or find a one rep max (based on where you are at). 

B)for time

400m run

100m farmer carry 70/53

800m run

100m farmer carry

400m run

Wednesday/dia de Los dead-lifts

Deadlift 5x5

B)7min amrap

5 sumo deadlift high pulls 115/80

5 hand stand push ups


Front squat 


B)(3) 5 min rounds 

Min 0-2 400m run....max double unders

       2-3 kb swings (american) 53/35

       3-4 hr push ups

       4-5 OH walking lunges (plate 45/25)



Work on skill, volume, work to a heavy and or find one rep max. 

B)for time

800m run

40 pull ups

40 Hang power snatches 75/55

400m run

20 pull ups

20 Hang power snatches


Barbells for boobs. 

Max out Saturday 

B)”grace” 30 clean jerks for time135/95 or “partner grace” 60 clean and jerks for time. 

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