• Joseph Luna

Halloween dress up wod this Saturday 28th at 10am. All invited. Members/non members alike.


Team of 2 (1 person works at a time to arrive at the total reps as a team) 

60 pistols (alt where possible)

50 wall balls 20/14

40 Box jumps 

30 deadlifts 185/115

20 power cleans 135/95

10 front squats 115/75

C)push ups (hr) max reps unbroken. 


Split jerk 

Work on Skill, volume Work up to a heavy single or ORM depending on experience. 

C)E2MOM 14 minutes 

Min 1&2: 15 burpees (fast as possible). 

Min 3&4: 30/25 cal row 


Team of 2. (Combine to the reps 1 works at a time)

60 (hr) push ups

50 ring dips

40 hand stand push ups

30 bench press 135/75

20 push presses 115/65

10 push jerks 115/65

C)max hand stand hold. 


Back squats 4x10

C)5 rounds for time. 

3x across length of floor Weighted lunges (50/35dbs 53/35kbs)

Shuttle sprint 60 yards will be explained day of. 


60 butterfly sit ups

50 toes to bar 

40 Russian twists 25/15 plate

30 pull ups 

20 single arm kb snatches 44/26 (total)

10 bar muscle ups (10 chest to bar PU plus 10 inclined push ups)

C)max reps double unders 


9am open gym

10am Halloween wod dress up optional

Max out Saturday 

B)”trap city” wod 2 of the winter invitational

8 min amrap. 

Teams of two. 

9 sumo deadlift highpull 80/53, 53/35, 35/26

12 kb swings (American)

15 double unders (triple reps for singles)

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