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The Festivus Games are this Saturday at CrossFit Recoil, Los Alamitos. Support your box/our teams


Hang snatch 5x2


Full snatch 115/75

Burpee box jump overs


Sumo deadlifts 5x3

GHD Sit ups 4x12-15 (weighted if needed with med ball)

B)10 min amrap

3-6-9-12-15-etc/by 3's

Wall balls 20/14

Deadlifts 225/155


Bench press 5x8-12 reps

Kb swings 5x12 (Russian)

B)for time

400m run

:30 plank

:30 rest

800m run

1 min Hand stand hold

1 min rest 

1200m run

:90sec wall sit 

:90 sec rest/recovery

1 mile run

Max pull ups (1 try) score is time & pull up count. 


12 min amrap of...

10 cal row 

15 hr push ups

20 pistols (alt)

B)push press 4x4

    Pull ups 4x5 (weighted if needed, strict as possible). 


Clean & jerk 

Work to a heavy


Power cleans 135/95



Max out Saturday 

Do a lift(s) for a max, volume work or work on something you could not work on during the week. 


The crossfit insurgent, "every 5 rep wod massacre"  wod 1 of the Halloween open 

9min amrap teams of two. Athlete may do less but no more than 5 reps In a row of anything. 

30 box jumps 24/20

20 shoulder to over head

10 chest to bar pull ups

10am yoga/body sculpt 


Open gym 9-11am

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