• Joseph Luna

October aka breast cancer awareness month is here. Wear your pink in support.


5x2 push press 

5x :30 hand stand hold

Team series wod 4 (team of 2)

1 works at a time, for time. 

100 cal row

100 toes to bar


Warm up & Work to a heavy clean. 

B) for time

50 wall balls 20/14

15 cleans 135/95

50 wall balls

10 cleans 185/135

50 wall balls

5 cleans 225/155


Over head walking lunge 5x25'

Reverse hypers 5x12

Dahlia's bday wod

5 rounds

10 med ball sit ups 20/14

32 kb swings (American) 53/35

400m run


Hero wod "Andy" partner wod.

25 thrusters 115/80

50 box jumps 24/20

75 deadlift 

1.5 mile run (together) or row 2400m

75 deadlifts

50 box jumps

25 thrusters. 


Front squat 5x4

Seated KB presses 5x4

B)2 min max hand stand push ups

2min rest

2min max double unders (singles or DU attempts)

2min rest 

2 min max back squat reps @50% of 1RM. 


Max out Saturday 

(Do what ever lifting you didn't get to do during the week, max out, do technique, volume work, work on skill, or bro sesh). 

B) team of 2 wod. 9 min amrap 1 works at a time. 

10 burpee Pull ups

50 box jump overs 

30 shoulder to over head. 95/65


Open gym 9-11am

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