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Last week of September. Our anniversary/Halloween party will be October the 21st. More TBD.


Snatch 4x3

B) Sapna's bday wod 

18 min amrap. 

22 double unders (99 singles)

18 sit ups

9 snatches 95/65



Find your 2 rep max. 

B)team series wod 1, 2017 do as team of 2 class size permitting or individual. 

9-15-21 of

Thrusters 95/65

Bar facing burpees 


 Mobilize/prep for wod

Bronson's bday wod. 

3: 9min amraps with 3 min rest/transition time. 

9min of: 3 hang power clean 135/95

              5 toes to bar. 

3 min rest

9min of: 21 sit ups

                 9 deadlifts 185/125

3 min rest. 

9 min of: 19 push ups (hr)

                 82 double unders (200 singles)


back squats 5x3

Kb step ups 5x5 each leg

B)DR Fred's bday wod.  

400m run

51 pull ups

51 kettle bell swings 53/35

400m run 

51 anchored toes to bar

51 DB snatches 50/35 (kb 44/26)

400m run


Bench press 5x5

Flat ring rows 5x3

Hammer curls 4x8-12

B)team of 2 relay style. 

2 rounds for time. 

18 cal row/bike

15 toes to bar 

12 thrusters  115/80

9 chest to bar pull ups 


Max out Saturday. 

Pick a lift(s) you want to work on. Do volume work, max out or make up for the day you couldn't make it in. 

B)festivus games wod 2 (team of 2 workout)

"The walking deadlifts"


5 deadlifts at each station of weight until you cannot do 5 reps at any given station. 

Sunday Open Gym 9-11am

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