• Joseph Luna

The CrossFit games Team Series begins.


3 push presses, 2push jerks=5x5

Weighted good mornings 5x3

B) 10min amrap (team of 2)

Wod 3 of the festivus games. 

60 burpees over rower (meanwhile partner does singles jump rope turns, if/when partner stops they must switch). 1st score is their time done with burpees....... then.....

Max cal row (while partner does...)

Max wall balls 20/14. Score is total reps, and partners may switch at any time while clock is running. 


Prep, mobilize, work up to weight and drill skill for wod. 

B)4 min amrap of....

6 Hang power cleans 135/95

6 HR push ups 

2 min rest/recovery/prep.......then

8min amrap of....

6 ground to over head 115/75

6 pull ups

30 double unders (100 singles)

2 min rest/prep then....

12 minute amrap of 

400m run

21 deadlifts 185/125


Front squat 5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1-1

John Cacho's bday wod. Team of 2 one works at a time. 

86 double unders (200 singles) buy in then....

31-20-9 of

Hand stand push ups

Back squats 95/65

Shoulder to over head

Partner med ball sit ups 20/14 (both do simultaneous sit-ups facing each other and pass the ball back/forth. 


Snatch balance 5x2

B)individual version of wod 1 of the crossfit games team series. 



Over head squats 95/65

Pull ups




B)individual version of wod 2 of crossfit games team series.

100 double unders (300 singles)

25 toes to bar 

25 deadlifts 225/155

50 box jump overs. 24/20


Max out Saturday. 

B)team of 2 crossfit games team series wods 3&4

1 person works and one rests. 

5min max cal row

5min max push presses 95/65

2 min rest recovery

10 minutes to find 1RM Hang Clean. 

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