• Joseph Luna

Are you eating clean and training mean for your Halloween costume?


Back squat 


B)3 Rounds

15 chest to bar pull ups

20 burpees

15 sumo deadlift high pulls 95/65



Work to a heavy. 

B)running for LAPD SWAT Hero, "Randy"

25 snatches (power or full) 75/55

400m run


Push Presses 5x5

Pig flip 5x1 

(Non pig flippers can partner up or flip the tire 3-5 reps based on ability). 


DB/KB thrusters (DB 45/25, or KB 44/26)

Anchored toes bar/dragon flies 

.......cash out 800m run


achy wrist? Mobilize more/better then...

Special guest Today afternoon classes only https://hotshotwraps.wixsite.com/strength/shop if you need new custom wrist wraps here they will be.  


25/20 cal row/bike (runners do 200m w/ball 14/10)

Max reps shoulder to over head 95/65

B)4 rounds

400m run

30 plate sit ups 25/15

20 front rack lunges 95/65

Friday Hero wod, "Emily"

"Only" 10 rounds for time. 

30 double unders (90 singles)

15 pull ups 

30 air squats 

100m run 

1 minute of forced Rest, recovery, reflect on goals, being greatful. 

Max out Saturday!!!!

Max out Saturday. Work on lift(s), strength, muscle building you missed out on during the week and if you're feeling it hit a PR!

B)Festivus Games wod 1

"Hold my Protein Shake"

Team of 2 both working but doing separate contingent tasks. 9minute total AMRAP comprised of 3 mini-amraps. 

3minutes. Box jumps 24/20

                  Front rack barbell hold 95/65

Next3min: pull ups

                   Tricep extension hold on box

Final3min: shoulder to over head

                   Partner holds bar in hang pos. 

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