• Joseph Luna

September has arrived.


Back squats 5x5

Sled 5x4

B) "Tabata something else" total reps is your score. 8 rounds, :20sec of work :10sec of rest/transition time to the next movement. 

-pull ups

-push ups (hr)

-sit ups

-air squats


Bench press 4x5 

B)Ryan's bday wod 

1 mile run

26 bench presses 2/3 body weight for men/ladies do 1/3 body weight for RX

400m med ball run 20/14

9 toes to bar 

200m plate run 45/25

26 bench press,

9 toes to bar 

100m run

50 sit ups. 


EMOM 12 

1 Curtis P. 

(1 Clean, 2 front racked lunges, 1 Jerk)


5 box jumps 30/24

3 cleans (full or power) 155/105


(Skill: go over movements and warm up appropriately for the wod)

75 thrusters 75/45

3 rope climbs

50 dips on box or bench

3 rope climbs

50 O.H. Squats 

3 rope climbs

75 sit ups

3 rope climbs 

Saturday The workout of the day will be at our sister Box South Gate CrossFit, in support of the badly burned police officers from their PD. They will be shutting down the street/Tweedy and the workout will be on the street and will include deadlifts, and a 200m run. More TBD.  3610 Tweedy Blvd, South Gate, CA 90280. "Out wod" will also be hosting a crossfit workout at crossfit Belmont Shore in an effort to promote health/fitness in the LGBTQ community. Hugo Diaz will have more info on that for those interested. 


Open gym 9-11am

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