• Joseph Luna

Last week of August.


Snatch grip deadlift 5x3


500m row/run

12 deadlifts (body weight)

21 box jumps 24/20


Split Jerks 5x3

B) 21-15-9

Thrusters 105/75

Med ball sit ups 14/10


J.C.'s bday wod

35 burpee buy in then....

8 rounds of....

350 m row

8 bench press 135/75

26 double unders

.....cash out 35 kb swings 61/44


Over head squat 5x5

B)hero wod Marine Corp LCpl "Dunn"

19 min amrap

3 muscle ups (9 pull ups)

1 shuttle sprint (cones will be set up)

6 burpee box jump overs 20/15 (completely over the box where possible no contact for RX)


E2MOM 14 minutes

2 bears (complex) = 1 power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, push press (behind the neck) increase weight as you go. 

B)3 rounds for time. 

15 toes to bar

   15 push presses 95/65

   15 HR push ups

   :30 sec HS hold. 


Max out Saturday 

B)team of 2, 1 works at a time. 15 min clock/cap. 

wod taken from the "SGV throwdown 2017"

75 DB snatches (alt) 50/35

50 burpees over bar

25 squat clean and jerks 135/95 


Open gym 9-11am

Monday Holiday Schedule. Labor Day. 

9am boot camp

10am crossfit. 

Workout tbd. 

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