• Joseph Luna

The last week of July


Snatch balance 

work up to a heavy. 


5 rounds for time. 

400m run

15 overhead squats 95/65


Deadlift 5x3

B)amrap 15

30 air squats

15 kb push press 53/35

8 deadlifts 205/145


Bench press 5x5

Reverse db curl 5x5

B)6 rounds 

200m med ball run 20/14

15 wall balls 

10 db snatches 50/35 (kb snatches 44/26)

1 rope climb. 


Work up to a heavy hang power clean. 

B)3 rounds

400m run

10 hang power snatches 105/75

15 pull ups 


One rep max front squats 


B)push press 5x3

    Chin ups 4x5

C)tabata :20sec work & :10sec rest (12 total rounds)

Cal row, & burpees over rower. 

(Max effort total reps/cals are the score)


Max out Saturday. 

B)team of 4 (2 will be on 1 station and 2 on the other). '2'. 10min amraps rest 2 min. In between each amrap. 

Station 1- 10 squat cleans 135/95

                  50 double unders (75 singles)

station 2-200m run (together) and 10 synchro burpees. 

At end of the 10 min amrap (&2 min break) The team will swap stations and pick up where the other left off. 

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