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Territory food informal tasting tomorrow 4pm-they are done. Everyone welcome members/non members ali


3 stations (holds :30sec of work :30sec of rest/transition time). 

-L Hang 

-2 KBs locked out OH

-goblet squat hold. 

B)partnered "double Randy w/penalty"

1 works one rests. 3 burpee over bar penalty for putting the bar down. 

150 power snatches for time 75/45

(3 burpee over bar penalty for the athlete  who put the bar down)


Back squats 5x6

"Randy's bday wod"

6 burpee bar taps

30 deadlifts 185/135

30 sit ups

10 kb swings 64/44

87 double unders (200 singles)

30 kb swings

30 Russian twists

10 deadlifts 

6 burpee bar taps 


Turkish get ups 

4x3 each arm. 

B)4 rounds for time

20 box jumps

25 v ups

300m med ball run 20/14


Work to a heavy 

Hang Clean (squat for those who can), and Jerk. 

B)6 rounds 

200m run

15 wall balls 

10 hang power cleans 95/65

5 pull ups (jumping pull ups no bands if scaled)


Bench press 5x5

Kb high pulls 5x5 each arm



Double unders and sit-ups. 


Max out Saturday. 

B) team of 2 (1st part is relay style 6 rounds each, 2nd part both may combine to arrive at reps how ever the team sees fit, 1 person works one rests)

12 rounds of 

3 over head squats 95/65

6 burpees over bar

3 front squats. 

-Rest 2 minutes only after all 12 rnds done.


10 Curtis p's (clean to 2 lunges to S2OH complex). 

20 pull ups

30 sumo deadlift high pulls

400m run (both)

30 sumo Dl Hp

20 pull ups

10 Curtis P's 

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