• Joseph Luna

Friday night is Dodger Night for the gym. Tickets still available. This means open gym from 430-530,


Back squats 5x3


30 inclined push ups (hands on a box or bench, feet on ground)

20 front squats 115/75

20 push press 

30 sit ups (GHD where possible)


Pull ups strict/slow as possible 5x3

Broad jumps 5x length of room x2 =72'

"Aldene's" bday wod

6 body blasters (burpee, pull up, knees 2 elbow)

400m run

20 hand stand push ups

200m run

31 full cleans 125/75

200m run

20 hand stand push ups

400m run

6 body blasters. 



Work up to a heavy. 

B) 12 min amrap (count total reps)

1 min of max double unders 

1 min max DB snatches 50/35

2 min max DUs 

2 min max DB snatches

3 min max DUs 

3 min max DB snatches. 


Work up to a heavy clean 

B)hero wod "Scotty"

11min amrap of 

5 deadlifts 315/205

18 wall balls 20\14

17 burpees over bar 

(Learn about hero/fire fighter SAFD Scotty Deem of San Antonio, Tx and buy a shirt to directly benefit his wife & 3 kids)   



Shoulder to OH complex

5 sets of the following complex. 

5 strict press

5 push press

5 push jerks 

B)3 rounds of

30 Russian KB swings 53/35

400m run

50 double unders (150 singles)


Max out Saturday. 

B) team of 2 partner wod. 

10 rounds for time. (1 person works at a time to get to total reps as a team, accept both do the run relay style) 

200m run (relay style)

3 full cleans 135/95

4 jerks 

5 toes to bar

6 jumping lunges 

7 burpees over bar 

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