• Joseph Luna

Regionals week.

Join several of us this weekend for the California super regionals in Del Mar. 


Work to a heavy "Panda power complex" from wod 1 of the Panda Brawl. 

1 clean 

1 hang clean 

2 jerks. 

B) Kelly's bday wod. (Team of 2, 1 works at a time)

32 birthday burpees over bar. 

1k row (partner holds barbell in DL position 135/95)

50 wall balls (partner holds wall sit)

40 pull ups (partner hangs on bar)

30 kb swings 61/44 (partner does HS hold)

200m relay run (partner holds plank)

10 ground to overhead with barbell 

32 birthday burpees over bar


Snatch work up to a heavy triple TNG

B) 3 rounds

21 push ups

12 full snatches 65/35

250m row


Strict press 5x4

 Chin ups 5x3 weighted as needed

B)for time

800m run

21 hang power cleans 135/95

400m run

15 hang power cleans

200m run

9 hang power cleans

100m run


Pause back squats (3sec) 5x8

B)team of 2. (1 works at a time)

amrap 7

6 pull ups

8 hand stand push ups

10 front squats 155/100


Deadlift 5x4

Ring dips 5x3 (weighted if necessary)


wod 2 at the "panda brawl"

10 cal row then max deadlifts til the end of the min. 275/185


Max out Saturday. 

B)team of 2 (1 works at a time 1 person rests)

Partner randy 75 power snatches 75/45(8 minutes to finish randy remainder of time is rest/recovery)

Then 7 min max cal row followed by 3 min of max thrusters same weight. 

Sunday open gym 9-11am

Monday Memorial Day 

10am, 1030, 11am, 1130am heats of 

Memorial Day "murph", partner murph, half Murph, partner "Murph meets DT"

No other classes on this day. 

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