• Joseph Luna

Mother's Day week.


Front squat work up to a heavy or max using this rep scheme. 


B)amrap 12

200m run

5 hand stand push ups

:30 sec hand stand hold


Snatch complex work to heavy. 

1 hang snatch 

1 snatch

1 OH squat

150 Double unders (200 singles)

25 pull ups

10 Full snatches 115/65

150 DUs

15 pull ups

15 snatches

150 Dus 


Work up to a heavy push Jerk. 

10, 6, 3,2,1,1,1,1,1,1

B) Donna's bday wod. 

(Everything with a medball) 20/14


33 wall balls

33 step ups

200m run

22 wall balls

22 step ups

400m run

11 wall balls

11 step ups


Bench press 5x8-12

Bent over rows 5x8-12

Regionals 17.2


DB snatches 50/35

Ring dips


Box squats 10-8-6-4-3

Partner up/lateral med ball tosses 5x10 e/side

Reverse hypers 4x10

15 min amrap

200m run

20 GHD sit ups 

10 OH squats 95/65


Max out Saturday 

(Pick a lift you didn't work on during the week and either do volume work or max out)

B)Saturday team wod 2 in a time one works at a time to combine and achieve the rep scheme. 

1500m row

  80 front squats 115/75

  60 shoulder to OH 

  40 burpees 

  20 pull ups 

  10 clusters 


open gym from 9-11am

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