• Joseph Luna

Bar B Que this Saturday 4/8 @4pm but first let's hit it hard this week!

A)tempo snatch pulls (barbell only) 

10sec. Hold At each position/10sec to get to each position (3 reps)

B)Power Clean to Push Press 10x1

C)pause front squats 4x5 60-75%

D)back squats (no pause)4x5 60-75%

E)3 rounds 

    1min of squat cleans 135/95 

    1min rest

    1min pull ups (those close to muscle ups practice your kip)

     1min rest 


High box squats 5x6 

Bench press 5x6 @60-80%

Bent over row with barbell 5x6

B)400m run buy in then.....

5 rounds of 

10 DB snatches 50/35


........cash out 100 sit ups


Snatch 5x3 light work speed and technique up to 65%

B)Linna's Bday wod. 

Team of 2. 1 works at time to complete 

4 rounds of 

6 full clean each at 155/105 then combine to...

31 burpees over bar 


Cash out combine to an 86 cal row. 


Incline bench press 5x6

Deadlift 5x6

B)Mandi's bday wod

80 Double Unders buy in (150 singles) then....

4 rounds of.....

8 deadlifts 225/155

37 wall balls 20/14

......after 4 rounds cash out 80 double unders. 


Light snatches 4x3 no more than 65%

B)1 Jerk drive to 1 Jerk 4x3 


3 power snatches 

3 snatch balances 

3 OH squats

Then......for time

200m run

15 OH squats 115/75

200m run

30 toes to bar

200m run

45 HR push ups

200m run

60 walking lunges. 


Max out Saturday. 

Pick a lift you didn't get to during the week and do volume or max out that lift. If you need assistance determining a proper Lyft please consult the coach. 

B)5 rounds. 

team of two 1 works at a time

Min 1 "cindy". (Strict as possible)

Min 2 burpee Box jump overs

Min 3 sumo deadlift high pull 75/45

Min 4 rest 

4pm Bar B Que



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