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Strength cycle time. And prep for the Battleground South Bay train for autism event on April 22nd.


Power + Strict Press 10x1

B)tempo pause front squats 3x5 @60-70%

C)tempo pause back squats 3x5 @60-70%

D) "Grace" 

30 clean n jerks for time. 135/95


Deadlift. Find 3 rep max

B) team of 2-3 relay style. 3 rounds for time. 

500m row

15 deadlifts 155/105

 5 strict pull-ups


Light snatches 5x3 (focus on technique/form/speed). No more than 50%

E10MOM for 30min. (

400m run

15 burpee bar taps

20 KB walking lunges 53/35s

500m row/1000m bike


DB Bench Press 4x8

DB bent over row 4x8

B) front squat 4x8 60-75%

    Snatch 1st pulls 4x8 60-75%

C)DB curls 3x10 last set to failure. 

D)5 rounds 11 min cap. 

250m row/200m run

15 KB swings. 


Light snatches 4x3 speed/technique

B)light clean and jerks 4x3 speed/technique

C)E2MOM 24min (you have 2 minutes of work/recovery/transition time per station)

Station 1 - 5 burpees, 15 shoulder to OH 115/75

Station 2 - 12 chin ups

Station 3 -  :60sec max cal effort on bike/row 

Score is based on total completion of reps and calories. 


Max out Saturday is back!  (Pick a lift that you want to work on or missed during the week. Work on that lift work up to a max. Athletes choice. However counsel with your coach as needed.) 

B)battle ground South Bay/train for autism fundraiser wod 3 

(teams of 4 or individual.)

Amanda meets Annie. 


Muscle ups/power snatches

200mrun then


Double unders/sit-ups 

(The team combines up to the above numbers.) more to be explained on Saturday. 

(Muscle ups are scaled to pull ups or ring rows and double unders scaled to singles as needed) 

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