• Joseph Luna

17.4 this Saturday 3/18 @10am

Friday night was off the chain. This Coming Saturday we will run 17.4 at 10am. Only this week and left in the open. Lots of time, yet its almost done. Bitter sweet.




5 Rounds

200m Run

12 pistols

10 burpees over bar 

  8 power cleans  135/95


Front squats 5-5-5-3-3

kb step ups (e/leg) 5-5-5-3-3

B)4 rounds

400m run

  10 jerks 155/105

  20 double unders

  30 sit ups


Not for time but capped at 

20 min. 

400m row

30 bench press body weight/.75 body weight

800m row

20 bench press

1200m row

10 bench press. 

B) back squat 5x5

    Chin ups 5x3 weighted if/when possible


Thrusters 5x3

B)400 m run or 800m on bike to begin every round. 



Double unders (singles 50 every round) 

Handstand push-ups


Work on technique/strategy for 17.4

B)do 17.4 if not coming Saturday or do variation for scaled.  Or......

2 rounds of..

400m run

21 kb swings

14 pull ups (25 rings)

  7 burpees 

Rest 2 min after 2 rounds then Repeat. 

Saturday 10am 

"The open" 17.4

Sunday 930-1130 open gym

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