• Coach Joe

17.1 was awesome. 17.2 on Saturday Mar. 4th at10am coming up.


Dundee's Bday wod


(2 Power Cleans E2MOM 135/95)

43 HR Push Ups

26 Pull Ups

43 KB Swings 53/35

400m Run

43 KB swings

26 Pull Ups

43 Push Ups

400m Run

B)Front Squats 5x5


Snatch Complex

1st pull

High Pull

Hang Snatch

2 Over Head Squats.

work up to a heavy set.

B) 14.1

10 Min Amrap

30 Double Unders (100 Singles Scaled)

15 Power Snatches 75/55, 65/45masters/scaled


work up to heavy set

Jerk Complex

2 Jerk Drives

2 Push Press

2 Push Jerk

10 Minute AMRAP

10 Hand Stand Push Ups

20 Cal Row

30 Pistols (alternating)


50 Sit Ups

21 Clusters 115/75

30 Sit Ups

15 Clusters

15 Sit Ups

9 Clusters

B)Bench Press 5x5

Bent Over Row 5x8-12


Work on 17.2 skills/strategize

B)5 Rounds

1 Minute Max Cal Row

? Turkish Get Ups (determined by every number under 30 in your 1 minute row....1 for every calorie under 30 cals) 50/35 DB

C)Athlete may choose lift to work on of their choice like Max Out Saturday for volume etc. Athlete should consult with coach especially if they plan to do 17.2 the next day.

Saturday 17.2 at 10am- til the last person wods

Sunday Open Gym 930-1130

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