About Us

We pride ourself on being a Customer Service first, Welcoming, Results Driven, and Fun Gym.  One you will be proud and excited to go to daily.  All of our training staff are certified and motivated to help.  We want to know your goals, we'll probably be more excited than you when you achieve them.

Joe Luna


Level 2 CrossFit, USAW L1,

ACE Personal Trainer, CrossFit Scaling Course Certified, CrossFit Judges Course Certified, Bachelors of Science degree,  CPR/AED & First Aid Certified

Coach Joe Loves CrossFit!  Started at Peak Performance in San Dimas, CA in 2011 finding his favorite method of fitness from then on.  A highly competitive local Masters (40+) athlete.  He applies not only what he has learned in his CrossFit journey but also in College Athletics having played Baseball at U of Laverne, High School Wrestling, & coaching youth sports.

max and fmily.jpg
Max Shippee


Level 2 CrossFit, CrossFit Gymnastics Cert., CrossFit Spot The Flaw, CrossFit Anatomy,  CrossFit Scaling, Judges Course Certified,  Bachelors Of Arts Music, CPR/AED Certified

Can Claim being one of The Longest Active CrossFitters & CrossFit Coaches in the South Bay of LA.  Being a Coach for over 11 Years and Now CrossFit 1440 for 10 years by Getting Results for his athletes, Preaching longevity and incremental change.  Also an actor so you may recognize him from Theater, several commercials, and or the Young & the Restless

Derek Rubiano

CrossFit Coach & Yoga Instructor

Level 2 CrossFit, 200 hours Yoga Certified KYT, Waxman's L1 Weightlifting Cert, Neuro Kinetic Therapy Level 1, Emotional Intelligence Leader ship. CrossFit Judges Course Certified, t, CPR/AED Certified, B.A. Sociology 

A Passion for movement, proper sequential muscle activation, Mobility, Strength and Grace.  Spending time both in the CrossFit and AcroYoga Community.  An effective communicator who knows how to get you moving the right way heloping our clients reach their very best potential.  

Logan Frank


Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology, USAW L1, CrossFit Judges Course Certified, CPR/AED & First Aid Certified


Logan has carried his passion of being his very best through out his Youth, Collegiate, and Professional Soccer Career having had a Stint with the Los Angeles Galaxy as a Goalie.  Now focused most on Olympic Weightlifting and heading that class on Fridays 530pm and Sundays at 10am.  A family man knows how to get the best out of the people in front of him.